Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Searching for Bennett

Breath In. Breath Out.

Blogging.. I swore that I would never come to this, but here I am. I used to make fun of people who would talk about ‘blogging’ and I would always swear to myself I never would. “Who reads these things anyways? Seriously.” I guess I was so resistant to it because, if I’m honest, I know that I would somehow conger up some type of false pride. I know that I’m not that important. I know that I’m not that guy that will be able to create these eloquent phrases that make people drool and hang on for the next one. I mean, come on, I don’t even write that well, much less speak good. Did John Owen have a blog? No. Does John Piper? Not that I know of. My name isn’t even John. So why do it?
Hmmm. So here I am.

Instead of talking about myself, I thought there was something to talk about that is more worthy. Ironically, it actually has a lot to do with what Britt and I are going through.

A long story short, my brother Scott and his wife Sherry over the last 6 months have undergone a process of adopting a child from Uganda. We have some connections there (I am Jason Bourne) and so God has blessed them with a smooth process so far. They just got back from Africa to meet him, and now awaiting the green light to get him. Not only him now, but another little boy could potentially be a new addition to the McGough clan. The baby is officially named Bennet Adai McGough. And the Little boy is Francis.

So there they are. One, potentially two, little boys from Uganda who are completely unaware of the world they were born into. They are apart of a culture and system totally different than suburban America. They did not ask to be adopted, at least not at the beginning of their life. But now they have a chance to live safely, away from fear of disease and poverty. What really gets me though, is that they can’t even fathom all this.

I wonder what it will be like. How will my family make sure that he knows he is one of us? How will we as a family get past the stereotypes? Bennet is sure to struggle. He will wonder why he looks different, because the world that we live in will make sure of it. When he gets older, he will undergo some identity issues, perhaps serious. And then…my favorite…then Bennet will wonder why him.

If there is anybody who has a better chance to understanding, and living in the gospel, it’s Bennet. He does not deserve this, nor does he ask for it. He doesn’t know his parents, but they know him and love him. While Britt and I struggle to even understand our own need for God, Bennet will have his own life as a picture of the gospel.

The question remains: will the gospel ring out? Not just for Bennet, but for all of us. When we see both of the boys, will we see our own hope that we have in Jesus? Will we see the wholeness, healing, and redemption that Jesus has brought us to? My hope is that we too will see that we are adopted sons and daughters. Brittany said it best that lately we are just trying to learn how to breath this in, this light. At this point I struggle to find words; my eyes are full of tears with emotions lodged in my throat.
Breath In. Breath Out.

Monday, September 22, 2008

congrats jenny & john

This weekend I made a world-wind trip with my dad, Linda and Brooke. We drove to Dallas and back in less than 24 hours! I actually had a really great time. It was wonderful sitting in the car for 10 hours doing nothing, talking and spending quality time with family, seeing Glenda (Chase's mom), Sherry, Scott, and Colt,  watching Jenny (our 2nd cousin) marry her best friend and holding their adorable baby girl, Aubrey Ann. I have gotten so many baby fixes lately and I love it! (Chase really loves it cuz it keeps me satisfied and not wanting our own yet!!) Thank you for letting us be part of your special day Berryhills! 

Thursday, September 11, 2008


...chase in the mornings!...

...me in the mornings...

Right now I am having a difficult time settling into my new job with ARAMARK as the Assistant Food Service Director (still learning what this means!). I started about 4 weeks ago. I go back and forth everyday about liking and disliking it. I think it is mainly that I miss college, I miss my girlfriends, I miss my flexible schedule, I miss meeting with girls in coffee shops in the middle of the day, I miss sleeping in or choosing to skip a class just because, I miss being supported by my parents.... It has been difficult getting used to working 40 hours in an 8 am-5 pm manner everyday and then still needing to keep the house clean, do laundry, cook, read Adoniram Judson, hang out with Chasey (watch LOST- which we just got hooked on!!.... we're not so hip with the times). I know that God is strengthening me through all of this and that all of this is what I went to school for. I am seeing everyday that God has his hand in this and is sovereign over ALL things- including a 40 hour/week job that I am not completely passionate about. One other thing that God is is teaching me is dependence on Him alone... Chase works at Member's Auto Exchange selling cars and this week they just hired a new guy and changed his hours... so now Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Chase will be closing the lot and won't get home till after 8 pm! Sad times... but I guess this will give me a chance to work out, read, clean, and hang out with girls (to look on the bright side!)

Sorry to sound so negative in this blog... there are great things about my job as well:
  • I love when I get to work at the schools and see all the little kids eating a healthy lunch who may not have one without us being there
  • The paycheck is quite nice :0)
  •  The opportunity to love on and work with people that are different than me and hopefully be able to invite them to Redeemer one day and be a light in a dark place
  • I actually do like working (even though it didn't sound like it before), but it feels good to accomplish stuff throughout the day
  • I like that everyday is different
  • I love that at the end of each day I get to be with Chase to debrief, hang out and encourage one another to get up each day and live for the Lord 
  • Oh and I get to eat FREE school lunch food everyday! :0)
"so whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the Glory of God"  
1 Corinthians 10:31 

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Welcome to the world Sayla Grace!

...one day that baby will be ours... 
but for now we'll just enjoy everyone else's kids! 

Keadryn being a good big sister already!
...she grabbed the chili's bag (twice her size) & started carrying it out the door! 

Our good friends, Drew and Jordan Remke just had their second little girl on Friday, September 5th. Her name is Sayla Grace and she weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. She is just as adorable as their other daughter Keadryn who is 14 months. We can't wait to watch Sayla grow! 

Friday, September 5, 2008

entering the blogging world...

Chase and I decided to start a blog for a multiple of reasons....
  • to keep in touch with our family, friends, and fellow bloggers
  • to share the stories of being "the new mcgoughs"! 
  • to keep you all updated our the journey God is currently taking us though (pursuing going overseas for the sake of our great King)... more to come on this later
*thanks Jord & Kirsti for your help with our header... LOVE it!*