Saturday, October 3, 2009

ballet flats by kojo designs!

my friends jordan and kirstin have this amazing craft blog called kojo designs! They post so many different creative, fun and practical ideas on how to be craft-y! Since I love to do crafts, but usually can't come up with most of them I love visiting this site and I now you will too! Jord is one of my closest friends and so I get the honor to craft with her often (not as often as we would like though!) Anyway, for the month of October they are doing a giveaway for these adorable little ballet flats with little embellishments. I want to win a pair! Check out their blog to see how you can win a pair as well. They asked for name ideas for these fabulous little shoes and the name I gave them was:"petit pirouettes". I think this would be a great name for these ballet flats because it means, "small turns" in French- which is a ballet term and something you do with your feet while wearing ballet slippers! Please check out their blog for all your crafting needs and ideas- I promise you will LOVE it!

Thanks for sharing your craft-y minds with us!

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