Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a day of fun!

this Valentine's day Chase and I decided to spend all day on Saturday together (we had all sorts of meetings & my mom came to town on actual Valentine's day)! The morning started out with Chase cooking me my favorite breakfast... pumpkin pancakes, fried eggs, Cinnamon Swirl Dunkin Donuts coffee, fruit & orange julius all while watching "When Harry Met Sally", then we went and saw 1/2 of "Valentine's Day" (the movie theater & the whole block that it is located on lost electricity... so we will have to go finish it another day!), had cupcakes & watched "Hangover" with Amanda, and we completed the night at my favorite place... La Diosa! (a really yummy wine bar with live music and great food!) Also, the bag at the top is the Valentine tote I made Chase... a spin off an idea I got from: kojodesigns. To say the least we had a full fun day! No matter what Chase and I do or who we are with I LOVE just being with him. I am blessed to be married to my best friend! Happy (late) Valentine's Day!!

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kirstin said...

I love this! Your bag turned out GREAT!
It was so fun to see you last week...