Sunday, July 18, 2010

new website...

Hey blog friends... I wanted to let you all know that Chase and I created a new website to keep everyone up to date with our latest adventures, our everyday life and other random things. We created it to have an easier way to keep our friends, family and supports in the loop while we prepare to move & for when we actually move.

We picked the website through godaddy and then downloaded wordpress. And then from there I probably tried like 50 different 'themes' to try and get something practical, easy to use and fun. I didn't realize how difficult it was to set up a website (probably not for all... but I have had troubles!- luckily wordpress is pretty easy). But I think we have it down for now- its super simple and will evolve over time, but I think it will be fun to keep it up.

Check it out and keep in touch with us! We would love to hear what you think about it!

Hope you all are having a great summer! Can't believe it is already mid-July!


Anonymous said...

Hey Britt, I tried to leave a comment on your classy new website but an error message came up that said, "cannot change header info" or something. Just wanted to let ya know. I may have done something wrong? Love you!

Brittany said...

hey love! your comment actually showed up... so not really sure what happened! miss you and love you!

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