Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Post, TX- who would have thought?

A couple of weekends ago Chase and I  stayed at Hotel Garza, a bed and breakfast in post! We had such a great time just getting away from cell phones, internet, laundry, cleaning, etc.. We got to read, rest, I got to take two baths in less than 24 hours (if you know me at all- you know that I LOVE bubble baths and currently Chase and I do not have a bathtub in our house, so this was a real treat!) and we ate a really yummy breakfast.

 We also got to talk to the sweet couple that owns the B&B - the husband is from Ireland! Meeting and talking with new people is one of Chase and I's favorite things to do, so this topped off the great evening!

We would recommend this B&B to anyone and will definitely be returning to Post soon!

Chase reading in our 2nd room (the first room we were in had no 
hot water, so we moved down the hall!)
the claw-foot bathtub- I want to own
one of these one day!
the first tub (with no hot water)
our first "living room"

the hall way


Glenda McGough said...

Thanks for the post on Post, TX. Looks like a sweet place to stay. I love seeing how much you two have fun and enjoy each other in all that life has to offer. Hope you always share those things together.

Love you,
Mom M

Lauren said...

How fun!!!