Wednesday, February 25, 2009

warm weather in February...

For some reason Lubbock skipped the 70 degree weather this year and moved straight to the 80s! I have been thinking about this a lot this week and wondering how I should take the warm weather (i love the cold and wish it would snow!) we have been having and the lack of a winter that we had... Some of my thoughts come from Jord's blog a couple of weeks ago ("I am grateful, I am grateful, I am grateful"- not sure how to reference it so you will just have to check out her blog) Anyway, she talked about enjoying cold weather and not so much enjoying this abnormally warm weather we have been having, but trying to be grateful for it... 

I am trying to do the same thing.. here are my thoughts on how God is using this for His glory and my joy... 
  • Since Chase and I are seriously considering moving to the middle east (where they have 130 degree summers)- he is slowly preparing us, so we can be more effective for the kingdom
  • I can go for walks/runs after work again, which Chase and I did last night and ended up seeing a muslim woman walking her baby (which means she probably lives in our neighborhood & hopefully I will see her again and get to talk with her). 
  • We also met some of our neighbors who were grilling outside. I have been wanting to meet our neighbors and find opportunities to love on those around us, but everyone has been inside since it is cold. It was such an encouragement to my heart that we meet these people- we have been wanting to pour into non-believers that are completely different than us & God gave us the chance last b/c of the warm weather. I hope that we can get to know them and be the gospel & a light to them & their kids
  • We don't need the heat or the air conditioning on- so the electric bill is going to be low this month! 
  • It causes me to stop and evaluate my heart- is it really that should b/c it hasn't snowed all winter I am unsatisfied & desire something more/different or is the fact that my heart is selfish and in need of the cross & to find Joy in Christ in all circumstances?
I am not sure if this blog made much sense, but I do know that I am going to choose joy and be grateful for the weather and for God's grace and beauty in it! And embrace the 100 + degree weather we are about to encounter in less than 3 weeks! 


kirstin said...

love the encouragement britt... I love the way you can see good stuff in something you wouldn't choose! :)
ps- weather effects me hugely too... isn't it funny that it can have such an impact???

jordan said...

...maybe you and me can go into the "winter wonderland" in dubai and have a mini winter. :)

thanks for the reminder to be grateful and joyful.