Wednesday, June 10, 2009

home improvements

Slowly, but surely Chase and I are making improvements in our house. We made a list for what we need to do in each room of the house and are starting to check things off!! I love that feeling. I will update you as we get more completed! 

we finally got our dripping faucet replaced!! 

I love it!! 

new light fixture in the bathroom- we still need to paint this room and then it will be complete! 

chase put together this desk in our study

mom and I fixed up our guest room! - Please come stay with us! 
addition:  painted the double T mirror black

additions: white curtains, Texas Tech quilt (mom figured out how to use a power drill to hang all of this!!), 3 framed pictures hung above the night stand

Additions: two picture frames with updated pictures and Aubrey's red pointe shoes! 


Malinda said...

Yay!! Everything looks great!! Love you both!!

Mom W.

Alissa said...

Check out my blog - you're already in on the 2009 Love What You Have Challenge and you didn't even know it! Keep me updated on how it goes.

Glenda McGough said...

Can't wait to utilize the "guest" room. Looks wonderful. The sink fixture is definitely an improvement as is the bathroom fixture. Lookin good!

Mom Magoo