Saturday, August 1, 2009

our anniversary "stay-cation"!

This was not part of our "stay-cation", but a few weeks before
in Albuquerque our bakery that made our wedding cake made us 
a fresh topper for our anniversary! It was delicious! 


Las Brisas for dinner on Friday night!

the food was amazing! 

Dion's green chili & ham pizza, salad and wine for dinner on Saturday night at
Homewood Suites in Lubbock! - our favorite meal together...

the "grooms" cake I made for dessert... 
(red velvet cake with a cream cheese middle and chocolate frosting)

Homewood Suites for the night! 
Sunday we slept in and then went to lunch at Home Cafe! 

Next we took Paige to TECH campus to play catch with her,
play cards and read... We had a great time.
I love this picture of Paige Marie. 

We are dorks, but the cards say- "7-19" and are a 
King and Queen of hearts :0)

1 comment:

Malinda said...

LOVE the pictures!! I'm glad you two have so much fun together. That will definately help you in the next 80 years! God has really blessed you both with each other.
Happy ONE year!!
Love you,
Mom W.