Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy halloween!!

this year for Halloween we did lots of celebrating! it started with carving pumpkins with our neighbors (bottom of post), then we went to an awesome "H" themed Halloween party on "hallows eve" thrown by drew & jord (middle) and then we went to the Tech football game, cooked chili, made caramel apples and passed out candy with my family on Halloween night! it was a ton of fun with lots of great memories...

Kristen dressed up as a "brats" cheerleader!
Don't those apples look delicious?!

Some of the great "h" costumes... (left to right) H1N1, Hula girl, Heln the Horse Jockey, Hermine from Harry Potter, Homeschoolers!

"Half Pint" the horse with "Helen" his Horse Jockey!
The picture to the right is a tribute to all my dance girls... from the Jockey dance!

Harry Potter, Horse agian, Hedwig, (Harry's owl)

pumpkin carving with Kayla, Michael, & Mason!

The boys added "blood" (red candle wax) to their pumpkins.. boys will be boys!
Chase's pumpkin is on the left!


aubnob7 said...

love the horse and jockey pose :) and love you!

Marcella said...

A Horse Jockey huh! You didn't want to pull out your old Jockey costume from back in the day at Alwin's! You could have made Chase wear the horse costume! He would look great in white spandex!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Marcella I completely agree...Chase would have looked so good in the white spandex with feathers :). I love guys are really nuts!!!!

Marcella said...

I wish we could craft together too!!! I will check the website out! Thanks! I am excited.