Monday, November 17, 2008

Bennett Update...

Below is an email that we recieved this morning from Glenda, Chase's mom, about Bennett's status:

Well, our little BAM finally arrived in the USA on Wed., Nov. 5. What a joyous occassion it was. I had to leave town the next day due to a death in my family in Tulsa. We arrived back home on Sun. evening and then left again on Wed. for Austin for a wedding there. While we were in Austin we received word from Scott and Sher that Bennett was going to be put into the hospital in Dallas because our Dr. Harpavat, after reading his records from Uganda, saw that they had not treated him with the type of antibiotic that is used here in the states. She said that what they used would have made the symptoms better but would not have cured him, just plain old penicillin. Anyway, he was put in on Fri. night and after many tests, including a lumbar puncture that showed it in the spinal fluids, they started treatment last night. IV port in his little foot with penicillin being administered every 6 hrs. Our understanding is that this regiment will be followed for 10 days. We are hoping, and praying, that they will be able to have Home Health come and not have to stay in the hospital for the whole 10 days. But, whatever is needed will be done. They are also running a full battery of tests again, from sickle cell to HIV (again) and on and on. Cecil and I finally got to spend time with our new grandson on Sat. to give Scott and Sher a break. What a beautiful boy he is. He is now taking 4 ozs. of formula and is gaining an ounce or two a day. He now weighs 12 1/2 lbs and is 4 1/2 mos. old. He has a long way to go, but God's hand has been on this little boy from the beginning. You all have been such wonderful prayer warriors for this little guy, thank you so much.....keep it up for a while longer.

Just thought you all would want to be updated! We'll let you know if we are making the trip on Friday.

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jordan said...

thanks for the update (britt and glenda) so excited for you to meet him!