Sunday, November 23, 2008

we finally got to hold him...

he loves to giggle!

the littlest Red Raider I ever saw!

Well, Bennett is about as sweet as he is cute! It has been such a joy to be in Dallas with my new family and to get to hold the newest addition. Bennett truely is a gift from God and such a blessing. This weekend I have been reminded of God's abundent grace and love for His people. I have seen what it means to be without hope, lost, abandoned and left for dead, but then redeemed, loved, cared for and adopted into the kingdom of God. Bennett has taught me that we do not deserve any of this, that it is all a precious gift from God. I want to live my life believing this and sharing it with my community, my family and friends. Adoption is such a beauitful picture of the gospel. I am so thankful to get to join in this journey with the rest of the McGoughs to pray, care, and bring Bennett, Colt, Hannah, Haley, Hagan, and Collin up in Christ. I pray that we all remember God's never ending grace and find rest in it today and always.

more pictures from the weekend to come! :0)


Sherry said...

Ok Britt the tears are flowing "AGAIN". (sorry Chase)
It meant alot to Scott and I that you and Chase came all this way just to meet Bennett. He is a blessed little boy and I know he has a great calling on his life.
FYI...I don't believe this is the last adoption this family will see :)
It was good to see you both, can't wait till Christmas.


P.S. Don't want to see any of my pics from this weekend on your blog...that would not be pretty
I need tons of work after Africa and 9 days in the hospital. :)

Malinda said...

Ok...if Bennett goes missing...don't look here, I won't have a clue where he went!!! haha!!
Oh my gosh he is so precious!!! What a little (huge) blessing he is!! I hope he's not walking and talking before I get to meet him! Love you!
Mom W

Glenda McGough said...

The two of you are such a gift to us! Thank you for coming in and sharing the weekend with us. It couldn't have been more perfect to have you here to meet our sweet BAM and to be a part of the birthday party bash for two of our "Princesses" - Gracie and Cicely. Thanks Britt for your expert decorating of the table. It was just a special time together. By the way, we are sure enjoying Paige - seems like old times. Have a great time in Albuquerque. Malinda, I know you are excited to have all your little chicks home for Thanksgiving.

Much Love and Blessings,
Mom Magoo

P.S. send me the rest of the pictures. I will send you mine.

Kim said...

Hello, from an extended part of your new family! I'm your husband's cousin. (one of the Triplets) Glenda was able to get to my blog and I've been searching for yours and Scott's ever since she left a comment with info on the McGough blogs. ANYWAY, looks like you and Chase are starting off very solid. Roots in Christ and sharing the love and peace you get from HIM. As Mimi would say, take peace! Come see her and other family members at KimNOW!