Saturday, November 15, 2008


Bennett in Uganda! 

We ended up not making the trip to Dallas this weekend to meet little Bennett ;0( Friday, Scott and Sherry took him to the doctor and they found out that he still has syphilis.... he was diagnosed with it in Africa and the symptoms were treated but not the actual disease. Because of this the doctor wanted to submit him into the hospital to run some tests to make sure there was not anything else wrong with him. So we decided to wait until next weekend to go meet him. I was quite sad last night about it, but we just want Bennett to be healthy and taken care of, so we will just have to wait till next weekend to get our hands on him! 

I just spoke with Sherry about his status and he is doing well. They ran some blood tests and are going to hook him up with penicillin to get rid of the syphilis. Now they are just waiting to get the blood test results back. Please be praying for him and their family. The kids (hannah, colt and haley) are not excited about mom being away from home again. We will update you as we find out more. Thanks for all your prayers.  

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