Friday, January 22, 2010

a new phase in life...

my life is completely different than it was last year... I have a lot more free time to help prepare Chase and I to "go". We are starting our support raising and partnership development process. It is such a blessing that I have the time now to devote to all that this process entails. With this new found free time that I have, I have been trying to prioritize my time and make sure I make the most of it.. please be praying that I would do this well and serve Chase well in the process.

two weeks ago I started nannying the Hubik boys (Will- 9 months & Hays- 3 years old)! I am loving it! They are such sweet boys... I am learning how to play basketball, football, "bad-guys", and all sorts of other boy activities. Hays has a great imagination & is all about sports and Texas Tech- which of course I love! Will is a really great baby... he plays, giggles, pulls up, gets really excited when something funny happens or a toy makes noise... Enjoy some of the pictures I have taken thus far of these precious boys!

(left) Hays as "Raider Red"... Will posing for a picture at a game (right) Hays as Santa Claus... Will asking Santa for a book for Christmas- notice his beard... Jacob's sock! (all Hays' ideas!)

(left) Hays with his gift bag to collect gifts for all the children! (right) "Santa" eating his cookies
(left) sweet Will's toes! I love them! (right) Will pulling up on the chair


Malinda said...

Great pictures! Glad you are enjoying your new job! Plus...look at the great experience you are getting at being a mommy...hehehe

Love you!

Anonymous said...

So THESE are the "boys" :)