Wednesday, January 13, 2010

others Christmases...

I know this is a little late up here are a few pictures from our "other Christmases" this year! We are so blessed that we got to see all three families this year! thanks for all the great memories-- we love you all!

(left) Ben & Hagan playing with their new toys! (right) the McGough/Walker boys!
the McGough/Walker girls!
(left) Wonder where Colt gets it from?? (right) the whole family! Yey for finally having a group picture! thanks for cooperating with me everyone :)
our "little" Christmas together.... we opened stockings and a few other gifts in our living room a couple days after Christmas.
Dinner in La Mesa with Dad, Linda, Shawn and Krystin
(left) on our way back for the Chipmunk Squequel!

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ann said...

Hey! So glad you found me and you have a blog too! I will add you to my google reader. How are you two doing? Looks like you had a fun busy Christmas. How is Brooke and the rest of your fam? Please tell them hello!