Monday, March 1, 2010

a day in the life of a pre-k teacher

a few weeks ago I drove down to Cahoma, Texas (small town about 1 1/2 hours from Lubbock) to join Brooke & my mom in her classroom! I had such a great time seeing Brooke "in action". She is such a great teacher and really has a passion for what she does. Her kids are lucky to haver her!

While we were there we...
  • Introductions- the called me "Mrs. McGoo!" - that thought it was a pretty funny name! & they call mom "Mrs. W"... I guess Wieczorek is just too hard for 4 year olds! ;0)
  • Played Letter Basketball
  • Played outside
  • Learned about Texas
  • Decorated a Texas state flag
  • Ate Snack
  • Took naps (I think there was like one kid that actually slept!)
  • Sang a "good bye" song
Brooke also gave me some fun ideas and websites to look at and do with Hays. We have already down a few of the activities she showed me... including out own version of letter basketball. I hope to make it out to her class a few more times before the summer!

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Marcella said...

I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE BROOKE TEACH BENNY! So cute. I bet she is the best! FUN. Her classroom looks great.