Thursday, March 11, 2010

new blog title

Chase and I have decided to call our journey to the AP, "Beyond the Desert". We came up with this because the reason we want to sell our things, pack our bags and move across the ocean is because we are hoping/praying for something beyond desert, beyond a "dry and weary land...." Psalm 63:1-3, hope for something that is better than life- Jesus. This is why we are pressing in and counting all things as loss as compared to knowing Christ.

There are days in this journey that I just want to give up all hope and quit, but then I am reminded of the cross and Jesus and the fact that He did not give up on me and that he endured so that I could also endure, that He suffered first, so I could suffer after, He was glorified so that I would find joy beyond all things in this world.

Please help us remember this truth and remind us of the reason we are on this journey. We love you all.. thanks for your support & love.


The Reeds said...

I like it! Sorry some days are discouraging... :( Thank God He always sustains...

Craig said...

Hi Chase and Brittany, I like the name you have for it too. The phrase 'beyond the desert' reminds me of U2's album 'The Joshua Tree'. And I like your sentence about 'finding joy beyond all things in this world.' You two are truly ready to sacrifice, suffer, and serve with that frame of mind and heart! For his glory!
I'd like to know more about your mission, my info is crossingthesky"at"
God bless you both in your work abroad, I'm very proud of you both!