Sunday, October 12, 2008

full of surprises

at Cagles Steakhouse

Hays & Kead= best buds / so cute
(Kead wouldn't look at the camera!) 

i love this picture! 

This weekend was Chase's 25th birthday (10/11) and I decided to surprise him. Normally this is not a strong point of mine- keeping surprises- but I think I finally pulled it off this weekend. 

Surprise #1: Friday night I took Chase to Cagles Steakhouse for dinner (he thought it was going to be just the two of us), but his mom and dad drove in that morning to come surprise him for dinner (Aubrey came too!). {this one he was real surprised about}
Surprise #2:  After dinner we went home to a house full of friends wishing Chase a happy birthday, cake, cookies and drinks! {this one he kinda had an idea about...}

We had a great time and feel so blessed by our friends and family that we are so undeserving of. Thanks to all of you that helped bake and pull off the surprises of the weekend! 

It was also Brooke's birthday this week. She came in town on Saturday so we could celebrate with her. I am so thankful for my big sister- she has such a sweet heart and care for people.



jordan said...

awww- I love that picture of chase and kead too! so sweet. Hope your birthday was great mr. mcgough!

Glenda McGough said...

It was a wonderful weekend and fun to "surprise" our Chase. Loved being able to see and meet your friends and be with family. Loved seeing what you two have done with the house - it's not a guy's college dorm look anymore. Very homey and comfortable. Oh, and did I mention CLEAN!!!! Thanks, Britt, for classing and cleaning it up. Definitely fun to see "the newlyweds" for the first time after the wedding.
Love you two very much,
Mom McGough