Thursday, October 9, 2008

instant family...

Collin & Hannah Grace eating ice cream! 

big bro & little bro
Colt :0) 
Miss Haley Mae (we have the same middle name!)

I think one of my favorite things about marriage is gaining new family members. I am super blessed because my "new" family is amazing. I could not have asked for better parent-in-laws, sibling-in-laws, and nieces and nephews! They welcomed me into the family with open arms the day I met them.... I thank the Lord everyday for them. 

Upon marring Chase I gained 2 nieces and 3 (almost 4 w/Bennett) nephews! they are so much fun. Above are a few pictures from last time I was in Dallas. (except for Haley and I - that was from 2 summers ago- I didn't get any with her this last trip) I love you all... thanks for allowing me to be your aunt!

p.s. Sherry and Scott I hope this pictures help with homesickness- we love and miss you guys! ENJOY! 


Sherry said...

Britt~ Thanks for posting, you have no idea how much it helps to have updates from home. Scott and I run to our computer many times a day just to see who has left us a message on our blog. We get so excited everytime we see a new comment. Sick huh....we are so lonely. We love and miss you guys so much, can't wait to be home. Scott and I are leaving in an hour or so to go on an overnight safari,Bennett will stay back in Kampala with Gladys. We needed something non-adoption to do in Africa before he came home to the states. Thanks for the pictures your the best !!!!

Chase said...

It's easy to welcome someone with open arms like you. We are the ones who have been blessed. It couldn't be just anyone who was what we waned for him, it had to be someone very special......someone who liked to laugh, loves people, deeply cares about others and whose faith in our Lord is unquestionable.....and we got it all in one small little package. Thank-you for being that someone!!!!

Love You,
Mom McGough