Saturday, October 18, 2008


Amy (larling) & me!

bff... me, bonnie, amy
watching the 2nd half with Chase! (we won by the way!!) 

Last weekend I got to return to the field and dance/cheer the first half of the Nebraska vs. TECH Homecoming football game. Amy and I came out of retirement and quickly realized we needed to return! ha ha We had a great time. I still miss dancing, but I think I am finally ok with no longer cheer/dancing on the field. Last weekend did make me realize that I want to start working on getting my flexibility back and look into taking a dance class somewhere- anyone want to join me? :0) 


Malinda said...

Sooo cute! I always loved watching you dance!! I miss you so much and can't wait until Thanksgiving when I get to see you again...(not soon enough though)Love you!

Glenda McGough said...

Once a dancer, always a dancer. You will just find another way to channel it....too much talent not to!!!! Hey, good luck with the beans and slaw. Think we totally confused Chase last night. Hope it all goes well.

Love you two,
Mom (McGough)