Friday, March 13, 2009

hitting the road!!

Ok maybe we aren't going to be "hitting the road" per se... but today we are finally leaving!! We are sitting at Chase's parent's house hanging out with the family before we take off in 4 hours! We got to enjoy a taco lunch with all the McGoughs (Scott, Sherry, Colt, Hannah, Haley, Bennett, Cicely, Hagan, Glenda, Cecil, Rob and McGuire- we were only missing Colin). It was so nice to see everyone. We are so blessed to have such a supportive and loving family. We got to spend some time with mom, Andy, Brooke, and Aubs last weekend and Dad and Linda the weekend before. I know we are only going for a week, but it was nice to pray with, talk with and share our hopes and dreams with our family. Thanks for all your care for us!

Please pray for a safe and restful travel. We leave for Atlanta at 5:30 tonight and then leave for Dubai at 9:40pm and arrive at 7:30pm on Saturday night. We are SO SO excited! We will try and blog or send an email letting you all know that we got there, but if we don't just know that "no news is good news". We love you all and appreicate your prayers, love, and financial support. We can't wait to come back with lots of stories and some answers!

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Shannon said...

GOD BLESS! We will be saying some prayers for you!