Wednesday, March 18, 2009

loving it here..

we have been here for 3 days now and have had such a great time. We have managed to cram 4 days worth of stuff into 3- since we lost one because of the travel mishap. Some highlights of our trip so far:
  • a mini-language class at the G.A.P (we had a 45 minute private class with a super cute local woman- I will just say we have lots to learn!!)
  • tour of the mall/Carrefour in Al Ain
  • coffee, dates, oranges, & omani bread with some of drew's guy friends
  • a tour of a date farm
  • ate yummy bread & cheese
  • a night out with drew & jord's Omani friends
  • a tour of a mosque in Muscat
  • beach time at a P.D.O.
  • a sunset boat ride with soft drinks & snorkeling & an engagement- congrats Mark & Stacey!!
  • a great stay with drew & jord's best friends: John & Vic
We have done a ton more, but we will just have to share stories when we return. We are all healthy and well. We are excited for the weekend here (Thursday & Friday) and will be sad to leave on Saturday night. We love you all and miss you!


Alissa said...

i've been thinking about ya'll nearly every day! love you guys.

Malinda said...

Yay!! So glad to see a post! Glad you are having a great time! get back to the States! hahaha! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

Love you both!

Mom W.

Glenda McGough said...

I agree, Malinda, on the post. Can't wait to see your faces as you tell us the stories. And, can't wait to see your pictures. Love you so much. Stay safe! See you Sun. morning.
Much Love,
Mom Mc

Brittany and Chase said...

we love you moms! we will return to the states soon! still having a great time!