Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Arabian Gulf...

what a beautiful place!

I was amazed at how gorgeous the Arabian Gulf was. We saw pictures from Drew and Jord, online and in a book, but none of it did justice to actually being there. It sort of reminded me of Albuquerque actually... with it being a dessert, surrounded by mountains (without trees though), and the dry heat, however the capital had one addition... the GULF (water), something that I am not familiar with in New Mexico. One of the nights while there we got to ride in a glass bottom boat (which we had all to ourselves and where Mark proposed to Stacy!) and watch the sunset in front of the coast line. Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as Chase and I do!- Let us know if you would like to vacation here??! :0)

The 7 Star hotel in Dubai, U.A.E.
(on a man-made island)

at a hotel in Dubai

The Sultan Quboos mosque


Arabian Sunsets

on the glass bottom boat

the marina


jordan said...

looks like fun and yes, I would love to vacation there...or even live there? ;)

so, to get your pictures like the ones in that post (and the oman post from earlier...) when you upload the photos choose "none" instead of left, right, or center alignment. Then, once they are uploaded you can move them where ever you want, change the size, whatever you want to do!

Anonymous said...
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