Monday, May 25, 2009

GREAT weekend

This weekend we drove to dallas for a bachelor/bachelorette party, but the real fun was seeing family! We also go to see mom, andy, aubs, brooke & clint on Sunday night because they sold their Lubbock house & had to move out! It was such a great weekend. We are so blessed with a wonderful family! 

little Bennett swimming for the first time!

my sweet boy! 

he loved the baby pool with his big sister haley!

Happy Birthday Hagan! We celebrated his 2nd birthday Elmo style with the whole mcgough family on Sunday! Happy Birthday to Cecil as well! We love you guys! 

birthday boy! 

On the back from Dallas we stopped at Braums for ice cream- Chase said we could do this because he only had a small bite of his mom's chocolate cake! They ending up being a LOT bigger than we expected... but still so yummy. (don't worry we only could finish half)

Clint, my brother in law, brought his chain saw and helped Chase finally cut down & pull out our dead tree in the front yard~ thanks Clint!

...they did some in the back yard too! 

our pouch outside was clean enough to eat dinner on! soon it will have an awesome painted rug designed by jord... look for pictures in the near future! 

our delicious dinner with Brooke & Clint! 
our dessert will have it's own blog! :0) 


jordan said...

can't wait to help with the painted cement project...maybe we can still work a double T into it somehow for poor chasey.

looks like a great weekend.

Brittany said...

i love that idea! :0) thanks jord! i am so thankful for you!

Glenda McGough said...

Loved,loved,loved having you two here for a couple of nights. Sunday's BD party was great and so enjoyed having you here. Thanks Britt for your help in decorating "Elmo" style - Hagan's favorite (aka "Melmo"). Thanks for all the hugs and kisses. Miss you all.

Mom Magoo

PS Chase may go into withdrawal over the patio redo. We can frame a picture of the double T for posterity. Have him lay down next to it and take a picture and send to Trent - they worked hard on it.

Marcella said...

Oh man my mouth is watering over that dinner!!! HOLY COW!