Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!

We love you moms!! Thanks for who you are- for your hearts, your love, your care and your prayers. We are so thankful for you and cherish all the memories we have with each of you! Sorry we couldn't spend the day with you! We miss you and love you!


Marcella said...

Fun pictures! You guys look great! Happy mom's day Melinda! I miss you!

Malinda said...

Awww...good times!! I love you both and love the times we have spent together...looking forward to lots more!! I am so blessed to be your mom!

Love you!
Mom W

Glenda McGough said...

Thank you for this honor. I feel so blessed to have another daughter-in-law who is so sweet, kind, loving and a heart as big as "Texas"....not to mention that loves my son so much. God has really blessed me in this!!! Much, much love, Britt. Chaser, I love you so very much.

Mom Magoo