Tuesday, April 27, 2010

too many...


I have started my clean out process before we move... and discovered that I have over 60 pairs of shoes! Craziness! As I was going through which ones to get ride of I kept saying, "I just have to..." to convince myself to be ok with putting them in the give away pile. I still didn't get rid of a ton, but plan to do this once a month and get my shoes down to the least amount as possible. So if you are wanting to buy me shoes- don't and if I want to buy shoes- tell me not to! As sad as that makes me, because I love shoes, it has to be true!

This is my "get rid of" pile... I added about 10 more pairs when all was said and done... I am getting there!

Here is a list of other items I need to start sorting through to get rid of:
  • work out clothes
  • scarfs
  • jackets (will I really need over 20 jackets in the desert??)
  • regular clothes
  • kitchen stuff
  • bathroom stuff
  • stuff in my guest room closet
  • craft stuff
  • my t-shirts
  • stuff in our computer desk
  • CD's
  • pictures/frames
I need my little sister to come help me with this project- she is the queen at getting rid of stuff & having empty drawers in her dresser- who does that??

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