Wednesday, April 21, 2010

week with mom!

I just got back from a whole week hanging out in Albuquerque with my mom, sister & Andy. It was so great. I got to sleep in, learned how to quilt! (well sort of.. a post on this later), cooked lettuce wraps, went to tea, got pedicures, decorated head bands, watched about 8 episodes of the new series, "Parenthood"- have any of you watched that? For some reason I got really into it!- saw great friends & did a little support raising and great quality time with mom!

As much as I LOVE my new job, it was nice to be kid-less for a week! Here are a few pics!

sewing in mom's awesome craft room... wish I had half her craft space/supplies.

my head bands! why pay $25+ for these when you can make them for less than $1.50?

tea at the new St. James Tea Room!

lettuce wraps!

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Malinda said...

I had so much fun hanging out, sewing, shopping, watching t.v., talking, cooking, getting tea and pedicures with you too!! Come back soon and we will do it all again!!
Love you!!