Friday, January 23, 2009

6 months...

Chase and I just had our 6th month anniversary on Monday! I can't believe how fast these past six months have flown by...

Some of the things I am thankful for these past six months are:
  • getting married in the rain :0) (it really actually turned out to be such a beautiful blessing!)
  • marring my "cowboy prince"- well, he is not exactly a cowboy, but my prince none-the-less and he is from Texas so that sort of makes him a cowboy!
  • getting my first job- it is great- it keeps us off the streets
  • spending quality time with Chase at night
  • continual sanctification and abundant grace through it all
  • making arrangements to go to Oman over spring break! (more on this later)
  • Chase's new job
  • new friendships
  • deeper friendships with old friends
  • cooking dinner together
  • date nights that never end...
  • getting to wake up next to chase every morning

There is a ton more, but I will leave it at that...

Thanks for all you do Chase! I love you.


Glenda McGough said...

I can't believe it has been six months either. Some of the things this Mom (as in Magoo) is grateful for........

.... the "wedding in the rain" is tops for me too
.... hearing and seeing the home, physical and spiritual, you are making with each other
.... listening to your now and future plans
.... our "God is sovereign" discussions (really!)
.... the new/joint "traditions" that are being made
.... the blessing of witnessing "what God has joined together"
.... and knowing that you both are waking up together and are no longer searching for that special soulmate.

Chase has always been our special blessing and now we are priviledged to have Brittany Johnson McGough in our family. How truely blessed we are!
Much Love,
Mom Magoo

Brittany said...

ah thanks glenda! you are gonna make me cry! love you! so thankful to be a mcgough!!