Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year friends! We have been absent for a while due to busyness of the holidays, traveling, and my computer temporarily died... I am not really sure what happened to it, but I had to get a new hard drive for it and am still waiting to get it back! :0( (i may have also lost a years worth of pictures and if you know me at all that means it is probably over 2ooo pictures!! ahhh) So, until I get it back there will be no Christmas pics.. but those are coming soon... for now I will fill out this fun questionnaire that Jord put on her blog this week.... 

5 things I hope to accomplish in 2009
1) get certified to teach yoga/Pilates= getting back in shape
2) read the Bible in a year- study it more in depth
3) paint and get new knobs for our kitchen cabinets (along with other random projects around the house) 
4) get more involved with internationals in Lubbock (join ESL at Redeemer)
5) read more

5 things I am proud of accomplishing in 2008
1) marrying Chase :0) 
2) graduating from Tech 
3) traveling to Morocco and Spain (first time overseas)
4) starting a new job with ARAMARK 
5) setting up our house & getting adjusted to our new life together 

3 things I am not so proud of in 2008
1) getting so out of shape! ( i can barely touch my toes anymore)
2) only  completing one out of the four books we were supposed to read for our mentorship program through Redeemer
3) not enjoying my last semester of college to its fullest... (i wanted to grow up too fast- real life is tough!)

I'll try to convince Chase to fill this out as well! Put it on your blog so we can read your answers! 

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jordan said...

I will be a yoga/pilates student of yours!! AND I will study the bible with you...and read with you...and hang out with internationals with you... I sound like a stalker!