Thursday, January 8, 2009

four christmases...

Finally, I will post some pictures from our first Christmas together! We had a busy one, but it was a great one. We are so blessed with 3 different sets of family that love us very much and remind us of Christ every time we are with them. Thanks for all the great memories for our first Christmas together! Enjoy the pictures... 

Christmas #1
We went to Dallas with the McGough's for Christmas eve through the weekend

Gleanda and I in Ft. Worth walking around enjoying the Christmas lights

charming charlies with the girls using our gift cards from glenda 
(haley and i got matching purses)

reunion with Chase's childhood friends, their fiances & little sloan

opening gifts with the McGough's!! 
(we had 11 adults and 8 kids for dinner... so much fun to be around kids again)

hannah grace & uncle chase

papa, hannah, collin

BAM & met at dinner (more of him later!)

i made my mom's Sour Cream Cinnamon Coffee Cake 
for the McGough's on Christmas

Christmas Eve midnight service

Christmas #2:
We had two dinners with my dad & linda's family

dad bought his sons matching shirts with him~
just precious...

 Christmas #3:
Chase and I gave our stocking gifts to each other on the 1st 
and are going to a bed and breakfast in february for the rest of our gift to each other!
(above Chase got me chocolates & a gift card to a spa... he is so wonderful!)

Our new traditions for Christmas (until we have kids):
- eat 'whole-in-ones' for breakfast
- make orange julius's
-watch a Christmas movie while opening stockings

Christmas #4: 
Rudioso, NM to snowboard with my family

yoummy... green chile chicken tortilla soup

opening gifts... so spoiled

homemade chai tea with aubs and her "chai elder" (me)

the boys playing the wii!! 
(some good male bonding time)


Glenda McGough said...

Does this mean your computer is back up and running? What great pictures and how blessed you two are. You two made all 4 Christmases very special for your family - thank you for being who you are, to us and each other. The "traditions" have begun. Love you both bunches and already miss you so very much.
Hug each other and give Paige a hug from me,
Mom Magoo

Brittany and Chase said...

well, my computer is working, but i am still not sure i have all the pictures from before christmas to a year ago... those we are still waiting to see if our friend can get them off the dead hard-drive! ah i hope he can!

Brittany and Chase said...

oops i sent that too soon... thanks for a great time over christmas- we miss ya'll too!

Malinda said...

Love the pictures!! So glad you had such great Christmases!! We had so much fun in Ruidoso with you two! We are so blessed with a wonderful family that keeps growing and growing! Love you both!

Mom W

Brittany and Chase said...

love u moms

jordan said...

I have several comments for this
1) looks like a great time
2) I love little bam
3) way to go making the chai
4) is clint wearing floral pijama pants??

Brittany and Chase said...

i think they are $$ signs! haha