Sunday, April 19, 2009

9 months today

Chase and I have been married for 9 months today! I can't believe how fast time is going! In honor of our nine months together I am going to share 9 sweet moments we have had together since we said "i do"...
  1. saying our vows in the rain and lightening! (rain will always have a special place in our hearts)
  2. ordering pizza and watching a movie while the sun was setting over San Francisco on our honeymoon
  3. Having dinner on the floor in our living room for the first 3-4 weeks of our marriage
  4. the first and only time we took Paige to the park to play catch since we got married it started pouring down rain and we had to run back to the house soaking wet! 
  5. road trips to see family over the holidays 
  6. going to Post, TX to stay the night at Hotel Garza
  7. ordering Dion's pizza and eating it by candle light for our first married Valentine's day
  8. smoking Sheesha with drew and jord in Oman while telling them our desire to return
  9. sharing Bless Your Heart ice cream an hour ago, just so we could pro-long saying goodbye for 12 days! (chase just left for dallas for 12 days for work)
i love you chase matthew! thanks for the past 9 months! 


Alissa said...

congratulations!!!! i love you both.

Glenda McGough said...

With tears in my eyes I have to say I can't believe it has already been nine months (um-m-m-m, what else can happen in "9 months").

I know you will miss each other, but I sure enjoyed getting up with my baby boy and fixing him breakfast before he left for class. Don't worry, will try not to spoil him (probably won't be getting up at 5:30-6:00 the rest of the time). Miss and love you very much, Britt.

Mom Magoo

Shannon said...

Seems to be a theme of pizza and rain. Love the newlywed oohs and ahhs... Congrats! You know you probably gave Glenda a heart attack (the good kind) when she read your post title. : )

jordan said...

love reading those moments!

you brought Paige to our park to play catch one time...

love you guys

Brittany said...

oh yeah i forgot about that!! oops! i made it sound like we never take her to play!