Sunday, April 26, 2009

missing chase..

chase has been in dallas for 7 days now... and I miss him so much it hurts. He as only 4 days left and then we get to embrace again! 

Things I didn't know I appreciated about Chase now that he is away:
  • That he takes the trash out when it gets full
  • That he makes us coffee in the morning
  • That he makes me feel safe and sound in our house at night
  • That he encourages me to stay awake when I am falling asleep while reading
  • That he cleans the dishes/kitchen after I cook
  • That he makes the bed in the morning when I leave for work
  • That he keeps me company even if we aren't doing anything but sitting
  • That he encourages me to read my Bible and seek the Lord
  • That he looks so cute in his flannel footie pjs! (picture below)


jordan said...

...he'll be home soon. isn't it crazy how you live without a spouse for 20+ years, but now you can't imagine everyday life without him?

we are excited to see you tonight though.

Glenda McGough said...

Britt, you always manage to bring tears to my eyes. He is missing you too, I can see it in his eyes. He loves this old house here, but his "home" (and heart) is wherever you are. Don't forget that!!! Also, we miss you too. He told me this morning that he kept waking up all night. I asked "because of the exam today"? He said, "yes, but mostly just thinking about Brittany". You are very loved!

Keep him prayed up this afternoon as he has his second exam. We want this to be worth what you two are giving up.

Love you, baby!
Mom Magoo