Saturday, April 11, 2009

henna fun!

I have been slacking on posting the rest of our adventures from our trip- sorry! 

Our last night in Oman Jord, Stacy and I all went to a beauty shop and got henna tattoos on our feet and hands! It was so fun. I got it done once in Morocco, but it wasn't the good kind (it only lasted for about a day). This one lasted for about two weeks!- I am actually quite sad that it has almost faded now. Henna is a temporary tattoo that the women in the Middle East and India get done for fun and for special occasions like weddings, just like we do with pedicures and manicures here. 

Enjoy the fun pictures of it! 

The finished product! 

Jord had two girls working on her hands!

It was relxing to get done and it only took about 
20 minutes to do and cost about $12.00!!

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