Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend with mom

Since Chase had class in Dallas all weekend for work, my mom decided to fly me home to Albuquerque to have a "national spoil brittany" weekend! (or at least that is what she called it!) And that is exactly what it was... I am so lucky to have a mom that wants to spoil me because it blesses her. I hope that I can be that way with my kids one day. 

It has been such a great weekend. Some of the things we did:
  • Had dinner (green chile chicken enchiladas at Gardunios- my favorite) with Grams & Andy
  • Went to Hobby Lobby, 
  • Watched Gilmore Girls
  • I got to scrapbook
  • We visited my old dance studio
  • I got my hair cut & highlighted
  • We shopped at Ann Taylor Loft (my new favorite store)
  • We went to church & dinner with Andy
  • I got to share my Oman pictures & stories with mom & andy
  • We finally picked out our wedding album & pictures
Thanks for a great weekend mom! I love you and miss you already! 

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Malinda said...

I had so much fun too!! Let's do it again soon!! Love you bunches and miss you mucho!!